Vision for Australia'I will set as many people on the path to prosperity as possible’

My Vision for Australia

My skills, experiences and initiatives all come together to bring about a vision of big improvement to education, employment, housing, and social standards in not just my own electorate, but the Australian population at large.

I believe that every young Australian has the potential to be a highly skilled professional in their key area of interest, and become an entrepreneur. Such motivation through high school years, greater access of education thereafter, and simple business building strategies has the potential to make an astounding difference to their lives along with our economy.

I believe that flexible but responsible urban planning and housing policies can make the great australian dream a reality for a lot more people. Simplified housing designs, special town planning provisions, combined with urban renewal of aging suburbs will not just bring good quality and very affordable housing stock to the market, but also completely transform what may otherwise be dilapidated or socially disadvantaged towns and suburbs.

In my own electorate of Chifley, I feel a greater responsibility to tackle the region’s higher than average unemployment rate, as well as the limitations to the medical and transport facilities, and infrastructure. It is up to me to take full advantage of the new economic power from the region’s own strong business growth, particularly in the new business parks at Marsden Park and Huntingwood, and to keep as many of the newly generated jobs for the locals by bridging the education gap. 

It will also be up to me to turn the clock back on Mt Druitt Hospital and take it to a top class regional hospital, expand the area’s public transport network, and initiate road upgrades and new links to overcome a number of traffic bottle-necks leading to and from the M4 and M7 motorways.

Ammar Khan
Candidate for Chifley

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