Immigration'I will add value to people's lives’

Immigration Policy

I say from the bottom of my heart that we are lucky to be living in the World’s BEST country!   Those who aren’t lucky enough to have the privilege of living in the world’s best country is why we have immigration.

Immigration is an emotive and complex subject and cannot be viewed with a focus on a single point. While it’s easy to say ‘stop the boats’, more action on the bigger picture must take place in order to protect our borders.

  1. I support refugee migration programs initiated by the Federal Government. While we are surrounded by sea, we must work together and more closely with our neighbours, such as Indonesia to stop the illegal entry of boats to Australia.

  2. I believe that migrants must participate in educational programs to understand and follow Australian, laws, history, values, culture and way of life.

  3. We should invite business migration to bolster investment into the region.

  4. We should offer ‘fee-based’ immigration to discourage people smugglers. The introduction of a fee for immigration visas to raise potentially $15 billion per annum, (approximately 200,000 immigrants per year currently coming to Australia) while simultaneously reducing people smuggler operations by removing the financial incentives of desperate people to pay people smugglers.

  5. Finally, I believe that migrants must love and appreciate the ‘land of opportunity’ and live by their allegiance to Australia.

Ammar Khan,
Candidate for Chifley

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