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Housing Policy

As a successful businessman in the property industry, I have first hand knowledge of what would make a significant difference to redefining our property industry into making owning your own home a reality for first home buyers, and making purchasing an investment property achievable for so many that want to secure their future, while providing a roof over another family’s head.

I would push for a First Home Owner’s Grant to re-introduced for all property transactions (not just new homes), and also to be extended to property investors, who are so often not able to access incentives.

I would like to see home deposit finance to assist qualified home-buyers into their own homes under special programs in certain regions.

I would encourage the development of links between home buyers and banks or other lenders to address specific lending criteria, and clear hurdles for a very large number of home-buyers facing difficulties getting in owning their own property.

I am passionate about the development of affordable housing, and will introduce a ground-breaking initiative called “The $300,000 property”. The $300,000 property is very possible and would get so many of our hard working citizens out of the property rental trap.
This would be achieved with the urban renewal of ex-Housing Commission suburbs, creating land opportunities for construction of a modest yet modern house, and in process totally revolutionizing the aging suburbs.

I will pioneer support, incentives and special planning provisions for property developers to bring generous stock of affordable first home or rental accommodation to the market.

We must keep ahead of changing demographics, smaller households and a growing population. 

My goal is to bring about all types of housing, owned or rental, in order to provide a balanced and affordable choice to our community.

Ammar Khan,
Candidate for Chifley

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