Growth Plan for Chifley'My core vision: A world-class Chifley - an economic powerhouse for NSW and Australia’

Growth Plan for Chifley

My great vision, a truly heartfelt goal is for a world-class Chifley – an economic powerhouse for NSW and Australia and I would like to rally constituents to help me achieve this vision.

I place a high emphasis and encouragement towards education for all ages and believe in exceptional motivation, education and providing incentives for job seekers to re-engage or to move forward with a career path.

I am committed to urban renewal of our aging, dilapidated suburbs into high quality living standards where we are proud to live and work and I support the development of transport and infrastructure to link the growing or renewing North and South suburbs of Chifley and neighboring region.

To revolutionize industry, employment and tourism, I’d like to see an introduction of a major tourism facility.

First-rate health care facilities are of key importance to the wellbeing of our resident families and I would like to see more proactive use of resources. A dramatic overhaul of the health industry to squeeze health service gains via innovation and technology without needing one extra cent of revenue to deliver.

Recognition and respect for our indigenous people with a focus on understanding and fellowship on how we can come together to learn from and preserve their traditions.
Senior Citizen programs are often a token effort into appeasing a growing vital population full of knowledge and skills.

I would like to see greater facilities and services developed for our senior citizens that will make a real difference to the quality of their lives as vibrant and contributing citizens of our neighbourhood.

I would like to see robust immigration policies that uphold our national interests. As a nation, apart from the indigenous population, most of us are from immigrant stock. Tolerance and respect should be a priority whilst adhering to our beliefs in our immigration process as the envy of the world.

“I want to work hard for Chifley to ensure that we have a proactive and competitive growth plan for Chifley as an economic powerhouse for NSW, for Australia and as well as a great place to live and learn.”

Ammar Khan,
Candidate for Chifley

Download PDF Version of Growth Plan Policy Here
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