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Employment Policy

School leavers and the unemployed are real people with feelings and financial commitments. Series of rejections and the stress put upon them to find a job is enormous and often not heard sympathetically. The frustration and pressure on the unemployed can contribute to the negative effects on their home environment, and in general community where it can lead to crime and anti-social behavior.

First and foremost, I believe job seekers need to be exposed to positive reinforcement and motivational programs to help them overcome months or even years of rejections and stress, and help them into the jobs they need to have, in order to have a viable sustainable and fulfilling life in our community.

I propose the instigation of the Newstart Allowance for a fixed period of 6-months, regardless of whether the applicant finds a job or not. The unemployed will be encouraged to accept short term and/or casual employment without losing their benefit, or even need to report such activity. Whether they undertake short educational courses, try a new business activity, or ‘leap-frog’ employment opportunities, the 6-months security of ‘bread-and-butter’ will often bring out an amazingly valuable service for the community!

After the 6-month period however, it should reduce, to not just reduce the burden on taxpayer’s money but also to act as a further incentive for the unemployed to get back to work or enter to further study - with full commitment.

I propose a high importance put upon re-education, education assistance with industry specific training for school leavers and unemployed. This includes improved, strategic job search strategies such as targeting specific employers and aligning job seekers to their business requirements. Please see my 5 jobs, 5 people, 5 days initiative for a further example of how we can help to change the culture for the unemployed into a proactive portal to achievable employment.

Helping unemployed Australians to improve their skills and productivity will help to sustain the economy and ensure a better future for the people of our country. Retraining to help fill the labour shortage gaps in this country would make common sense and an effective strategy for our sustainable and growing future.

Ammar Khan,
Candidate for Chifley

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