Education'I will set as many people on the path to prosperity as possible’

Education Policy
  • Modern day curriculum
  • Identification and development of every student’s gift or talent
  • Short-course TAFE links for all high school students
  • Substantial increase and placements into industrial experience
  • Selective high schools in Nirimba - Quakers Hill and Mt Druitt

I believe in a new modern day  education curriculum to replace our current 19th Century industrialisation era education system, one which is based on practical real life education with financial education as a necessity.

A modern day education system can be delivered for no extra cost then the current education budget. In fact, it can be delivered for billions less and better services can be delivered by a results driven government that knows how to make things happen. We need business education taught at school to develop and breed smart future entrepreneurs.

Schools should be the hub of innovation where many entrepreneurs are created, and talents are motivated and encouraged.

For example, recently, a former Australian 17-year old had just sold the app business he started as a 14-year old for $28 million to Yahoo.  How many more budding talent in schools are there that we are not developing or profiting from the encouragement of entrepreneurial talent?

Our society depends upon the success of entrepreneurs. Students need to be taught the importance of entrepreneurship in society and that there is no abundant society without them.

It is my belief that Chifley needs higher quality of school buildings and facilities with an emphasis on new technology in school education.
We need to teach real life education with financial education as a necessity from the start of high school, including business education for all students from Year 10.

We need special facilities and education plans for gifted and talented students, for greater encouragement and to foster, not hinder, high level achievements. Such gifts and talents must be developed, as they will most likely secure the student’s future of employment and/or entrepreneurial.

I propose the development of a new ‘selective’ campuses of Chifley College for the region’s highest achieving students at Nirimba - Quakers Hill and Mt Druitt, to bolster the educational standards of the region.

The selective campuses, and all other high achieving students should be offered TAFE and University links from Year 10, such as short courses. I strongly believe that such links will foster early introduction of students to tertiary education, and incorporate access to the highly qualified teachers and high profile and inspirational speakers to light the fire of our students imagination and show them that they too can achieve.

And finally, to cap off quality education, I propose an overhaul of the way our working age students are provided work experience. Instead of the old ‘dusting and brooming’ style work experience with employers that may not have even wanted the student in the first place. I propose that each student’s passions, gifts and talents - which have already been identified - are closely matched with employers who actually BADLY NEED such skills.

Management of such work experience need not be at a huge expense, as close industry links with local businesses and simply one employment councilor per school is all that is needed.

A system based on practical, real life education would not only turn our schools into world-class hubs of innovation, but produce a breed of high quality school graduates that will secure their own future and present immense economic benefits for our great nation.

Ammar Khan,
Candidate for Chifley

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