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Business Policy

As a successful businessman myself, it is important to me to help as many others as possible to experience prosperity through starting their own businesses.
It is however, not easy to start up a business. It involves skill, passion and a lot of behind the scenes working hours in order for it to grow into a viable success.
My goal is to offer business-start incentives for entrepreneurs, including training and the likes of taxation benefits for first 2 years where businesses need help the most.

I would like to see small loans for unemployed to start a business. In addition, business start ups should be provided with free education and support, such as business mentoring programs in areas of business, administration, accounts, sales & marketing and the legalities of business within their first year in business.

Of course, no business can perform well without high quality employees and contractors, which businesses find incredibly hard to come by despite there being so many people unemployed. I am therefore proud to launch a new incentive ‘5 jobs, 5 people, 5 days’ as a serious new program which can be replicated throughout, not only in my own electorate of Chifley, but anywhere in Australia.  For more information on this program, please download the brochure (coming soon).

Businesses too will have their own part to play.  Whether new starts or already established, businesses will be expected to ‘give something back’ to the community through employment opportunities. I will instigate programs that will promote Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), work-life balance, and family friendly employment.

Businesses are lifeblood of employment, commercial opportunities, and tax revenue for our nation. Business start ups are our future and we need to nurture their growth through these initial stages so that they become long term economic employers and sources of numerous other opportunities for our future generations.

Ammar Khan,
Candidate for Chifley

Download PDF Version of Business Policy Here
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